Home Address As Registered Office

If you incorporate a business with Companies House you will need to set up a registered office. It must be anywhere in England and Wales.This address doesn’t necessarily have to be a place where the business actually operates from but any place where you can recieve you post from Companies House and HRMC and where you can receive all the correspondence from any third party. You can use your home address as your registered office address however it is not advisable. This will not only make your personal home address public but can also impact your privacy at home.

Your Personal And Business Life

Keeping your personal and business life separate is always recommended. We can provide you with registered office service so you can keep your home address off the public record. Our professional staff can deal with all your post coming in and sort it on your behalf in a timely manner. So as soon as a letter or post comes in we will scan it and send it over to you. In this way you willl have an easy access to your post no matter where you are you can stop worrying about loosing important post. We can provide you with a more secured address so you can protect your privacy at home.At the same time having a registered office address in the centre of london will improve the corporate image of the business.