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Looking for a UK Company Formation Non Resident Package with Guaranteed Bank Account?

For years, Premier has helped non residents set up their businesses in the UK and thrive with our expertise and services. Our Premier International Plus package is a UK Company Formation Non Resident Package with guaranteed bank account. This package is the product of our experience dealing with hundreds of customers and helping them establish their business in the UK as non resident directors. Tailored to the specific needs of non residents, our services cover aspects ranging from opening a bank account in the UK as a non resident director to legal and tax consultation. Opting for a formation agent is the quickest and most hassle-free way to bring your business to life in the UK without having to visit the country or learn the taxation system. 
Our specialty lies in helping people from all countries of the world start their companies in the UK. Your entrepreneurial flair coupled with our expertise in legal and foreign business handling will definitely be a stepping stone for your business. 
We don’t just work for you, but with you to create your company in the UK and get your legal affairs in order. Our services cover everything from online application to getting digital certification. 
We understand that company formation in the UK for non resident is a complex process and you shouldn’t have to go through the trouble while starting and financing your business. Backed by a decade of managerial experience and a team of impeccably able professionals, we are fully equipped to help you kick-start your business in the UK.
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Offering All-in-One: International Packages for Non Residents 

Whether you’re looking for company formation in the UK for non resident with a bank account or without one, the Premier Internal Plus plan takes care of all your entrepreneurial needs. Our plan is specially crafted for UK company formation non resident, keeping the requirements of non residents in mind. Along with focusing on company formation, we also offer accountancy and tax advice to keep you informed in every branch of business startup in the UK. 
First and foremost, we take care of your online application process, ridding you of the tiresome task of filling forms and reading instructions. Depending on the workflow at Companies House, you’ll have a registered company in about 3 to 6 hours. That’s one milestone achieved in just a single day. Starting here, we make sure that you’re fully equipped to carry out your business in accordance with the Companies Act 2006. In just £999.99, you will have a complete business startup took kit to operate in the UK. 

International Package includes?

Our International plan includes:
  • Online registration 
  • A business and office address
  • Director service address
  • VAT registration 
  • Bank account in a top-listed UK bank 
  • Free one-hour tax consultation 
  • Digital certificates 

Guaranteed Bank Account

While devising a plan for UK company formation non resident with a bank account, we strived to fulfill every need of a non resident hoping to start their business in the UK. Thus, our plan covers all aspects, ensuring that you don’t have to learn, read, or fill anything. 

Tax Consultation and VAT Registration

Learning the tax structure and laws of a new country is a difficult task on its own. Now, throw in the process of VAT registration and the hassle gets bigger. We save you from these complexities by getting you registered for VAT and offering a complimentary 60-minute tax consultation, so that you have a basic idea of the tax system. 

Business Bank Account 

Having a bank account connected to your company increases the business’ credibility and brings you many legal perks. Thus, we open a bank account for you in one of the high street banks in the UK, without you having to do as little as make a call or fill a form.

Memorandum and Articles of Association 

For UK company formation non resident, owners use the Memorandum and Articles of Association, specified in the Companies Act 2006. With additions and omissions taking place from time to time, it’s hard for non residents to keep track of every law. This is where we step in and provide you Digital Share Certificates and M&As to keep your company in compliance with the country’s regulations. 

Registered Business and Office Addresses 

We provide you a registered office address and a business address for one year, which is a requirement for setting up your company in the UK. Plus, we give you a Director Service address for a year. As a non resident, looking for an address in the UK is the last thing you’d want to do, so we take charge of this responsibility, giving you the mental relaxation that you deserve. 

Non Resident Company Formation FAQ’s

Not at all. We are very transparent about our prices and you’ll only have to pay what you see on the website.

If you opt for Premier International at $299.99, you’ll get all the services of Essential International with these additional ones:

  • Director service address for one year
  • Mail forwarding for one year
  • VAT registration

It’s quite difficult to get registered for VAT on your own in the UK as the process is a bit hectic. So, leave it to us and rest easy while we get your company up and running.

The greatest benefit of going through UK company formation non resident with bank account via a formation agent is that there is no hassle at all. You don’t have to spend hours filling forms or reading terms and conditions as we do that for you. Nor do you have to search for reliable banks as we already have a list of high street banks.

Yes, you can be your company’s owner and director. Keep in mind that in that position, you’ll have to fulfill the same responsibilities as a UK director does, despite being a non resident.

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